We are a sustainable adventure travel blog.

Our mission is adventurous, affordable and sustainable travel.

We aim to help travellers, particularly backpackers, explore off the beaten path adventures on a budget without contributing to unsustainable tourism.

We believe in harnessing tourism and travelling to improve the world around us. We understand that travel is a privilege and with great privilege comes great responsibility. We believe that as travellers, we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the earth and communities through our travels. 

This is why we support and partner with businesses and brands that value community, eco-tourism and sustainability. 

We want to be the go-to place for all travellers to get ideas on products, experiences and guides to travel better, more responsibly whilst sticking to a kick-ass budget!

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If like us, you are obsessed with giving people better, more sustainable and adventurous travel experiences, we’re two peas in a pod. Whether it’s captured through a lens, a story told through written word or social media promotion, there are many ways that we can form a great business relationship. 



Motivated, Engaged, Quality Results

Daniel and Amanda were great to work with, in short, they exceeded our most ambitious forecasts. They are very efficient and communicative and were a dream to work with, provided really clear feedback on their work and any limitations as well as providing really insightful and constructive ideas that allowed us to take the project to the next level. They are passionate and driven about their work and whatever tasks you ask of them. It is always a pleasure to work with these kinds of self-motivated people. They were focussed and organised which made it very easy to allocate them a large number of objectives knowing they were capable of prioritisation of self-management. Probably the greatest highlight of their work is the impressively high standard which they hold themselves to. It is so easy and pleasing to work together with people who share your passion for doing things to their highest achievable standard.

Daniel’s work with the camera is a pleasure to watch as the methods he uses to get the best results are incredible.

Amanda’s knowledge of and abilities with social media and online marketing are crucial improvements for any business. Beyond this, they were so engaged and invested in the success of the projects that they voluntarily went well beyond their scope, purely because they wanted to contribute to our success.

I couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough and I hope they return to collaborate with us further in the future.

Daniel Lambert – Arabian Nights