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Photos of Iguazu Falls To Inspire Your Wanderlust

Iguazu Falls Argentina

We’re sure you’ve seen photos of the magnificence that is the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. We couldn’t help it and just had to post up these photos to inspire wanderlust. 16 Photos of Iguazu Falls To Inspire Your Wanderlust We hope we’ve inspired your inner wanderlust! Love this? Pin it for later!

Argentina Diaries: Exploring Buenos Aires

Read about our time exploring Buenos Aires during our South American adventure. An unexpected set back sees us visiting some of the iconic sites in Argentina's capital.

We find ourselves travelling an hour by public bus to satisfy our craving for Korean food. We make it to Korea town which seems to be in the suss end of Buenos Aires. What really gives it away is arriving at the restaurant to find it locked and having to ring a doorbell to be […]

Argentina Diaries: Mendoza and Trekking Aconcagua

Mishaps from crossing the Chilean/Argentian border, spending time in Mendoza and trekking Aconcagua. Read about our time in Argentina.

The bus (another bus post) pulls up, we load our bags and present our tickets. ‘Tasa?’ the serviceman asks. He’s asking for confirmation that we paid the reciprocity fee for our Argentina visas. ‘Si!’ I reply – the receipts are in our travel wallet. Except that they aren’t.

LVV Journal: Exploring Ovalle, Chile

With 100 empanadas and a box of dulces de La Ligua in hand, we wait for the bus to Ovalle, Chile, where Tata is originally from. Grandma tells us that last time the bus was 2 hours late and we have no way of knowing when it will show up.

Adventures in Chile: Visiting La Ligua

Welcome to La Ligua The bus pulls up to La Ligua and we see Tata (Daniel’s grandad) pacing back and forth at the entrance of the bus station. He’s worried because the bus ride was longer than expected and we are now over an hour late. When we arrive at the house, Tata opens the door and we […]

Backpacker Diaries: Street Art Tour Valparaiso, Chile

These photos of Valparaiso in Chile are incredible! Check out this post for travel inspiration guaranteed to have you wanting more!

We bailed on Santiago as soon as morning came and caught a bus with a plan to tour Valparaiso. My Spanish is improving, I can now ask for bus times, tickets and cost and actually understand the responses being relayed back at 20x speed. The 1.5-hour drive drops us off here, a graffiti town. 

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