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15 Travel Tips for Cuba

Travelling to CUBA? Come prepared with our 15 travel tips for Cuba!

Cuba was one of the countries I was looking forward to most when we planned our Latin America adventure. Unfortunately for me, while I did enjoy Cuba, I think it could have been a lot better. And it wasn’t Cuba’s fault, it was mine. Daniel and I came unprepared and made many mistakes. Bad for […]

Crossing borders: Ecuador to Colombia

Crossing border ecuador colombia

You have two options when it comes to this border crossing. You could catch a bus that travels from Quito directly to Cali for around $70USD (see here for updated pricing and to purchase tickets) or you could do it yourself quite easily and have the option of stopping in to see Las Lajas Sanctuary. It’s […]

Peruvian Adventures: Our Time in Mancora

Mancora travel blog

After a very foggy and gloomy Lima, we were beyond excited for Máncora, a beach town on the north-west coast of Perú. It’s “winter” here which means fewer tourists and 28-30 degrees Celsius. Don’t mind if we do. We arrive at Laguna Surf Camp, a spot a stone’s throw from the beach with our own […]

Sand boarding in Huacachina, Peru


Huacachina is such a cool place – effortlessly cool. It’s a tiny village built around a little oasis and surrounded by sand dunes – aka a desert oasis (and the only desert oasis in South America mind you). We were pretty pumped when we heard about Huacachina and the upcoming opportunity to sandboard. After checking in to […]

Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu

The Inca Jungle Trek is a 4-day adventure that includes mountain biking, rafting, ziplining and hiking. It is the ultimate adventure lover's way of getting to Machu Picchu but can be enjoyed by anyone!

The Inca Jungle Trek There aren’t many things in life that can successfully shut me up for a prolonged period of time. But I can tell you that the first time I laid eyes upon Machu Picchu, I was speechless. And it wasn’t because I was out of breath from the 2,000 steps. Our 4-day adventure […]

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