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Travel Japan Cheap: 24 Ways to Visit Japan On A Budget

10,000 Yen Japan money

Most people I’ve spoken to have always put off travelling to Japan because of how much they anticipate it’s going to cost. Japan DOES NOT have to be expensive and yes, it is entirely possible to visit Japan on a budget – I even had a budget of $1000 for two weeks. Since 2012, I’ve […]

Backpacking Russia | Things to do, Budget Breakdown & Travel Tips

Moscow Red square colourful cathedral church

The largest nation in the world that borders a staggering 14 countries, crosses 9 time zones and has a population of over 142 million people is by no means one that you can pop in for a quickie. Quick visit that is (what were you thinking?). Even our one month of backpacking through Russia felt […]

Backpacking Jordan | Things to Do, Travel Tips & Budget Guide

Woman walking through canyon towards Treasury at Petra in Jordan

Daniel is completely drained – physically and mentally. The parasite he had really took it out of him and despite having mostly recovered, he’s not back to himself. The 5-hour bus ride and two border crossings feel like a lifetime ago as we now sit in the back of Shaker’s truck driving away from Wadi […]

Backpacking Budget For Japan: A Breakdown of What We Spent (And NO JR Pass!!)

people walking in Japan streets

Among many travellers, Japan has a reputation for being one of the most expensive countries in the world and most people will tell you that it is impossible to stick to a strict backpacking budget for Japan. I’ve been to Japan twice now and after having travelled through a number of different countries, I can […]

Backpacker’s Guide to Dahab, Egypt: Our Favourite Place in the Middle East

elephant statue underwater photography

If there’s one place you have to visit in Egypt, it’s Dahab. After a fairly rough 2.5 weeks in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, I was honestly tired of Egypt and wanted to leave. But as soon as I arrived in Dahab, everything changed. Almost instantly I felt a weight lift off my shoulders as I […]

Backpacking London: Best Travel Tips For Any Budget

If you're backpacking London and worried about spending all of your hard-earned cash, fear not! We've put together a comprehensive article with the best travel tips, free things to do and what to expect for any backpacking budget so that you can make the most of your time in London.

When we found ridiculously cheap flights to London, we knew that it was the perfect gateway into our Europe trip (which, by the way, turned into a Middle East trip but a story for another time). London’s pricey reputation certainly precedes it and we told ourselves that backpacking London wasn’t even going to be possible […]

Backpacking Sri Lanka | Best Travel Tips & Guide

Sri Lanka, the Indian Ocean’s jewel shaped country exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to go back. Sri Lanka is an easy country to travel with English being spoken widely and public transport easy to navigate and access. However, if you’re expecting a super cheap Asian destination, you’re in for a surprise. Although Sri […]

North Vietnam Budget: What We Spent in 12 Days & Tips To Travel Cheaper

woman standing in front of a North Vietnam Waterfalls

Vietnam is a backpacker’s dream. It’s safe, easy to navigate around and there are plenty of things to do. And if the wafts of delicious street food aren’t enough to allure you, the cheap prices will. Daniel and I spent 12 days in North Vietnam visiting the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, the infamous trekking town, […]

Guide To Salento, Colombia: Everything You Need To Know

Group of people standing next to the tallest palms trees in the world. Salento Colombia

Salento is a quiet and relaxed little town that has retained its traditional colonial architecture. This colourful town is located 24 km northeast of Armenia and its streets are filled with vibrant buildings, lights, craftsman and local artisans. There are many cafes to visit as Salento is an infamous coffee region so you might end […]

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