Wondering what you can get your loved one who loves to travel? On a budget? Willing to splurge a little? We’ve got you sorted with 23 awesome, useful and practical gift ideas for all travellers.

Need gift ideas for the traveller in your life? Check out these ideas!

1. Survival Paracord Bracelet

The Survival Paracord Bracelet is ideal for the person who loves quirky type gadgets. The bracelet made of 3 meters of paracord, a flint, tiny blade, a whistle and a compass. We’ve gone through countless airports with it on and have had no problems. If you’re wondering how useful the rope is, well, Daniel scored us some coconuts with it.

2. Personalised Luggage Tag

Cheap, easy and something that everyone will use! Make it extra special by getting a personalised one.

3. Carabiners

These make packing and moving so much easier. We use them to hang shoes or bottle bottles on the outside of our bag. Super handy! We just grab some cheap ones from eBay.

4. Passport Cover

Have your pick of plain, colourful or decorative passport covers. We love this one on Etsy for only $6!

Need gift ideas for the traveller in your life? Check out these ideas!

5. Headlamp

A must have on every traveller’s list.

6. Buff

Use it in the sun or use it in the snow. Wear it as a mask or wear it has a headband. Super useful and comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

7. Compact Towels

Aim for something light, compact and quick drying such as microfiber towels.

8. Hiking socks

If they love hiking or will be visiting a country where walking is inevitable, some smartwool hiking socks will come in handy.

9. Gorilla Tripod

A gorilla tripod or any other portable and mini tripod is perfect for smaller, compact type cameras and there are tripods available for phones and GoPros too. These tripod are flexible so can be used anywhere (eg wrapped around a pole) for the perfect shot.

10. Travel Journal

Do they love to write? And particularly, do they enjoy writing by hand? If so, a travel journal will definitely be appreciated and will remind them of you along their journey.

11. Selfie sticks / GoPro sticks

These really require no explanation! Just aim to get one that can get dunked in the water if it’s a stick for a a GoPro.

12. Universal Power Adapter

I LOVE my power adapter. A universal adapter will set you back around $30 but can be used in every country and used with any device. Personally, I love adapters with USB ports so that you can charge a few devices at the same time!

13. Travel pillow

Any traveller will appreciate a travel pillow to help with plane, bus and train rides. My favourite is this GO travel pillow that converts to a regular shaped pillow too.

14. GoToob bottles (under 100ml)

I swear by these. I’ve put various liquids in (shampoo, body wash, cleanser and moisturiser) and have NEVER had a leak in 9 months of travelling. They meet requirements for bringing liquids as carryon and are easy to fill and clean.

15. Foldable water bottle

We love this water bottle because it’s light, stands when filled but is foldable so can be packed away when in transit / not in use.

16. Memo bottle

I was gifted this water bottle and absolutely love it. I much prefer it to round water bottles and it fits anywhere. It also gets A LOT of compliments!

17. Packing cells

Packing cells are amazing. They make looking for your crap a million times easier and also help to compact everything. Avoid the plastic ones and opt for something like this and in different sizes. If you’re buying some for someone else, trust me, buy some for yourself too. I can’t believe I used to travel without these.

18. Luggage scale

If your loved ones is a big shopper than this will be something handy to carry along to ensure that they’re not left ditching stuff at the airport.

Feeling fancy?! Here are some gift ideas above $50 (upwards to a few hundred) 

Need gift ideas for the traveller in your life? Check out these ideas!

19. Portable Power Bank

These will set you back anywhere from $40 to $200 depending on a variety of things. You want something that is compact, light, solar powered and will hold enough power for a few charges.

20. Handheld Gimbal

A handheld gimbal is device that allows for stabilised video recording – it’s like a selfie stick with a pivot on the end. The average cost is $150 for a handheld gimbal for a GoPro so it something you’d only want to get if they’re serious about video recording.

21. Leatherman multi-tool

Practical, useful and beneficial to any traveller.

22. Action Cam

There are so many action cams on the market at the moment so your only option isn’t a GoPro. Check out this article by Tech Radar featuring the 10 best action cams of 2016.

23. Ollo Clip

The Ollo Clip is a 4-in-1 lens clip for a smartphone. It’s $80 and includes 4 lens options: Fisheye; Wide-Angle; 10x Macro and 15x Macro. Perfect for the mobile photographer on the go!

9 thoughts on “23 Gift Ideas for Travellers

  1. The Travel NinjasT says:

    Those would all make very cool gifts. I always want to pack a leatherman multitool, but i’m afraid we’ll get hassled by airport security. Even if its in checked baggage. I’m sure it would eventually be ok, but worried about the extra hassle. Do you carry one? It’s useful to be sure when travelling, but do you ever get hassled or delayed with stuff like that?

  2. The Soul of Seoul says:

    I need to stock up on some of these stuff. Every time we travel I realize that we’re missing something important like something to weigh our luggage. We were way overweight this last time! uh oh

  3. sophie says:

    Awesome! this article saved me awful money on the gifts, I will try each and everyone of these for friends birthdays. Haha! Thanks again 😀 Cheers.

  4. Joe says:

    Ooh, yes please to a lot of stuff on this list 😀 I’m going to send the link to this to all my friends and family with some not so subtle hints over which ones my particular favourites are (buff, foldable water bottle and, for the more generous, the portable power pack are what tops my list). I also have a couple of ideas from this of what to get some fellow travellers of mine too 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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