When we told people we were going to Colombia, this is what most people were expecting it to be like (my ah-mazing photoshop skills are indeed employable just in case you’re wondering):

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Turns out that Colombia is actually rich in diverse landscapes and culture.

What? No way! Colombia? More than just cocaine?! Sí, señor!

In fact, Colombia is the only country in South America that has a coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea – so yes, ample beach time everyone. There are so many in fact that you will hardly have enough time to tick it all off. Despite visiting some of the most beautiful waters we’ve ever seen, we missed out on was Providencia, one of Colombia’s best-hidden gems. We’ll be back!

The towns are vibrant and colourful, filled with friendly locals that adore foreigners. You can’t help but fall in love with the music and the freedom that comes with dancing everywhere – in the streets, at the park or at the club.

With world-renowned coffee, the tallest palm trees in the world and horse riding to waterfalls – you can see how we didn’t want to leave this place.

We’ve picked some of our favourite photos of Colombia to inspire your inner wanderlust and hope that it is now a little higher on your bucket list than before.

Cocora Valley, Colombia
Cocora Valley
Costeño / Costeno Beach, Colombia
Costeño Beach
Dancing Colombia
Dancing in the streets
Cocora Valley, Colombia
Tallest palm trees in the world
Waterfall Minca Colombia
Waterfall in Minca
El Monumento a La Raza / The Monument to the Race Colombia
El Monumento a La Raza / The Monument to the Race
Waterfall in Salento
Bridges and jungle walks
Costeño Beach
Colourful streets
Valle de Cocora
Yoga at sunrise
Tayrona National Park Colombia
Tayrona National Park
Hiking trail
Tayrona National Park Colombia
The Caribbean Sea at sunset
Minca Colombia
Casa Elemento Colombia Minca
Casa Elemento
Casa Elemento Colombia Minca
As seen in Minca
Horse riding through Salento
Horse riding through Salento
Dancing streets Colombia
Let’s dance
Cascada de Marinka Colombia
Cascada de Marinka

And just in case you need any more convincing, here are an additional 5 reasons by The Flyaway Girl.

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A special collection of photographs taken in Colombia aimed to inspire your inner wanderlust.

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40 thoughts on “25 Photos of Colombia To Inspire Your Wanderlust

  1. Laura says:

    Colombia is an amazing place! I visited for the first time last summer with my fiance, whose family lives there. I was blown away by the ecological and topographical diversity of the country – which your pictures capture beautifully! Kudos!

  2. Lauren says:

    Your photos are amazing! I’m definitely inspired to go to Colombia now – I was before, too. But you definitely helped fuel my wanderlust!

  3. diytravelhq says:

    I spent 3 weeks in Columbia 3 years ago & loved it – Guatape is the most colourful little town that could at the Ciudad Perdida trek was something I’ll never forget. I don’t usually like to go back to countries but wow your photos, I’ve serious wanderlust to return!

  4. Aubrie says:

    Wow wow wow! I’ve been wanting to go to Colombia, but this showed me a whole other side of it! Your pictures are all so colorful and amazing!

  5. nlaguilera says:

    First of all your photos are incredible! I’m really jealous. Columbia is one of those countries I’ve never been to but I would love to visit. It looks amazing.

  6. hairtothereblog2 says:

    Woah! I wish I read this post sooner! I’m headed to South America, but probably won’t be able to find time for Colombia. These photos are filling me with regret!

  7. Travel tips says:

    Not only that the photos are amazing, but the post is really funny, i laughed a lot at the beginning. I want to visit Colombia, how many days should i go ?

    • La Vida Viva Travel says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you! We were there for 4 weeks and that wasn’t enough. I tell everyone to try and spend as long as possible but you can definitely do a nice taster trip in a couple of weeks. It’s just a huge country with so much to do!

  8. Aaron says:

    Columbia was never on my bucket list until now! Great pictures! How was it traveling around the country? How many days would you recommend visiting for?

    • La Vida Viva Travel says:

      Ah I’m so glad. Travelling around the country was very easy. There’s a budget airline there that makes travelling between long distances super cheap (same price as a bus). For shorter distances, they use 12 seater vans that are comfortable. We spent 4 weeks there and didn’t think that was enough so I’d say that’s a minimum!

  9. nomadicfoot says:

    Really all these photos are making me eager to visit Colombia. specially those water fall and valley is best one for me.

  10. explorelovetravel says:

    Haha, I’m sure that’s exactly what my family would imagine if I went to Colombia too (referring to your photoshopped image). The country looks amazing though. So rich in culture and beautiful nature – and wildlife. I love all the tropical birds living in that part of the world 🙂

  11. Linger Abroad says:

    Brilliant photoshop work! Columbia looks like a very vibrant, colorful country and full of energy. The various landscapes the country offers looks amazing too. I’ll really keep these places in mind for when I make a visit!

  12. Abigail says:

    Oh yes, these photos definitely got me wanderlusting! I love the diversity of the features of the land – from natural beauty, to colorful colonial architecture, and to great locals! I’d love to see these for myself someday!

  13. Christina says:

    Wow! Colombia looks so lush and green. The scenery looks amazing (nice photography!) and the towns are so colourful. I nearly wen to Colombia a few years ago but had to cancel at the last minute due to work commitments. I wish I had just gone on that trip anyway. Love the photos.

  14. 2travellingsisters says:

    Stunning captures there, and yes, going through it has actually inspired me to plan a trip to Columbia soon. Every picture is so beautiful captured, full points for the editing skills in the first pic ;). The wilderness, beaches and the vibrant colours, everything is so inspiring!

  15. Hendrik says:

    Outstanding photos – what to say… I just could spend the whole time scrolling your beautiful photos.
    You somehow make it possible to give such a good impressions of these places. The one with the cow I somehow like the most 🙂
    What made me laughing hard was of course your introduction photo of the imagination about Colombia 😀
    Yes but that is what is so fascinating about travelling. It proves so many prejudices wrong.

  16. wellcaffeinatedtraveller says:

    Ok I already wanted to go to Colombia, but after seeing all of your photos I want to hop on a plane right now! It looks like you had an incredible trip!

  17. csaradar says:

    Well, I’m inspired! Columbia has been on my list for awhile. I actually put in my top places to travel in 2017 post! Your photography is truly stunning!

  18. Penny says:

    Oh wow! Those are some gorgeous pics. Definitely made the destination very very attractive. Now if only I can save enough money to reach there!

  19. Meg says:

    Yep, looks pretty incredible! I need to put this on my travel wish list. Consider the photo inspiration working…! Looking forward to the next place you share with us.

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