After a very foggy and gloomy Lima, we were beyond excited for Máncora, a beach town on the north-west coast of Perú. It’s “winter” here which means fewer tourists and 28-30 degrees Celsius. Don’t mind if we do. We arrive at Laguna Surf Camp, a spot a stone’s throw from the beach with our own hammock out front and with a pool. We dump our bags, change into our bathers and immediately run into the ocean. We are instantly reminded of Perth and perhaps for the very first time in 3 months, we kinda miss home. Watching the sunset on the beach makes us even more nostalgic!

Over the next few days, I take a couple of surfing lessons and thanks to the board that is almost twice my size, I actually surf a lot of waves! Daniel gets some solo fishing time in and manages to catch and release 10 catfish and a stingray. There is no photo evidence nor witnesses but he assures me that it happened.

Enjoying the sunset
Laguna Surf Camp
Teach me!
Fresh after another haircut in Lima
About to get hit

mancora peru

Amanda + board

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