Huacachina Peru

Huacachina is such a cool place – effortlessly cool. It’s a tiny village built around a little oasis and surrounded by sand dunes – aka a desert oasis (and the only desert oasis in South America mind you). We were pretty pumped when we heard about Huacachina and the upcoming opportunity to sandboard. After checking in to our hostel, we go across the road and find a couple of friendly faces, Stef & Joe who we met on our Cola Canyon Trek in Arequipa, and some delicious curry. Amazing curry. Real curry. With real vegetables. A lot of veggies too. The curries are so good that we have curry for every meal for the rest of our time in Huacachina.

We spend our first afternoon in Huacachina hiking up the sand dunes for sunset. It’s tougher than we expect because the hill turns out to be pretty steep and the sand is super soft so there’s a lot of sinking. The views are well worth it. The next day we barter some sandboarding tours and opt to go with a pretty cheap company (and yes, you do get what you pay for).

We hop in the dune buggy and have a blast bouncing around in the dunes before stopping for some photos and then sandboarding. We try to standup sandboard but let’s be real, we suck at it. So, we opt for a laydown, face up, close mouth approach and pick up a lot of speed and don’t eat sand. Thankfully, we leave Huacahina with no injuries and great memories. Mostly of curry.



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