Nica-who?! Nicaragua (pronounced Nica-rah-gu-a) is a country in Central America, located between Honduras and Costa Rica that offers volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, surfing beaches and budget-friendly adventures. Being quite a small country, travel within is relatively easy and cheap with minivans going between most destinations.

We’ve picked some of our favourite photos to inspire your inner wanderlust and hope that Nicaragua is now a little higher on your bucket list than before.

Sunset at San Juan Del Sur
Sunset at San Juan Del Sur
Leon Nicaragua
Granada Nicaragua
Volcan Masaya Volcano Nicaragua
Volcán Masaya
Spider web Nicaragua
Granada Nicaragua
Fountain in Granada
The Treehouse Granada Nicaragua
Views from The Treehouse
Hammocks Nicaragua
Hammocks for days
Surfing Turtle Lodge Nicaragua
Surfing Turtle Lodge
Iglesia La Merced, Granada, Nicaragua
Iglesia La Merced, Granada
Cristo de la Misericordia / Christ of Mercy Nicaragua
Cristo de la Misericordia / Christ of Mercy
San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
View of SJDS
San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Beach in Nicaragua
San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur
San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur
San Juan Del Sur
Sunsets + Beach
Nicaragua - mountains, volcanoes, city to sea. We've put together a special collection of photos aimed to inspire your inner wanderlust.
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7 thoughts on “Photos of Nicaragua To Inspire Your Wanderlust

  1. I do what I want to says:

    Beautiful!! We are moving to Central America, budget is short but we’d love to make the most of it and Nicaragua seems a great place to start 😉

  2. Ella says:

    These photos are gorgeous! Nicaragua is extremely high on my bucket list and I still haven’t gone. There’s nothing about Nicaragua that doesn’t appeal to me and I hope that I get to visit soon. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Penny says:

    I have to be honest. I haven’t heard of Nicaragua before. Mia culpa my geography is horrible. The pictures are really gorgeous. Going to pin this so I can show it to my husband when he gets home!

  4. Cynthia says:

    These photos are amazing and beautiful! Sliding down a volcano – what?!? You’ve totally inspired me to add Nicaragua to the Travel Bucket List!

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