Are you an adrenaline junkie? Or someone who loves to try new activities? Do you want to freak the s%#t out of your parents? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Baños is the place for you! Being in the northern foothills of the Tungurahua volcano and surrounded by mountain views, waterfalls and thermals mean that there are plenty of fun things to do in Baños.

The self-proclaimed adventure capital of Ecuador makes the most of these surroundings and offers a variety of adventure activities for any level. A major bonus is that all of these activities are ridiculously cheap (we’re talking around $15-$20USD). So get yourself to Ecuador and enjoy our favourite things to in Baños.

1. Rappel down waterfalls

You’ll see this advertised around Baños as ‘canyoning’. You’ll repel down 4 or 5 waterfalls including one big one. Unfortunately for us, we had A LOT of rain the few days before so the big waterfall had too much water and was too dangerous to rappel down.

We were pretty lucky to get a guide to ourselves but make sure you check how large your group is and how many waterfalls you get to repel down. All gear should be provided with the price and your guide should go through a full safety briefing with you.

Fitness requirement: moderate
Adventure level: 7/10
Bring: waterproof camera like a GoPro
Cost: $15-$20USD per person

Heading to Ecuador? Got the adventure bug?! Check out some awesome ideas for Baños!

2. Day trip to Pailon del Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron)

The Devil’s Cauldron is an EPIC waterfall in Baños and was one of our favourite things to do in Baños. There are a few ways to get to these waterfalls – bike ride, buggy, bus or taxi. The cheapest way is by bus ($0.50 USD each way) and you can spend a few hours here. From the entrance, it’s a short but uphill hike to the falls.

You can spend a bit of time walking around and even get right up close under the waterfall.

Afterwards, exit the car park, turn left and make another left to go on another walking path to see the falls from a different angle. There’s a walking path, a couple of hanging bridges and a few additional sights (I personally preferred this side more).

Fitness requirement: moderate
Adventure level: 5/10
Bring: waterproof camera like a GoPro & a poncho unless you don’t mind getting soaked 
Cost: $3 USD entry fee plus travel costs

Heading to Ecuador? Got the adventure bug?! Check out some awesome ideas for Baños!

3. Jump off Puente San Francisco

Real talk, this is one of the craziest things I’ve ever done. Daniel and I strolled to Puente San Francisco, a bridge that is 100 metres above the ground below, just to have a look. We saw a couple of guys packing up their gear and enquired about prices.

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Next thing you know, I’m strapped into a harness and have volunteered to go first (what the?!). Before this day, I was deathly afraid of heights, now I’m only semi-afraid. Once you’re off the platform, you’ll find yourself looking like 1) you’re falling to your death or 2) you’re gracefully soaring through the sky (photo proof below).

This isn’t a bungee jump though. A few seconds after the free fall, you’re snatched upwards and stay swinging beneath the bridge. The worst part is probably the walk back up!

Tip: there’s no need to book this bridge swing in advance. Just walk up to the bridge like we did and have a go on the spot. 

Fitness requirement: reasonable
Adventure level: 9/10
Bring: nerves of steel, cash, pants and sneakers

Cost: $15 USD per person

4. Zipline through the jungle

There aren’t many places in the world where you get 6 ziplines for $20USD or less. One of the zip lines is 1000m long and takes you for a speed ride for an entire minute. You’ll get great aerial views of the jungle and river below and can even change up your ziplining positions! Tip: Don’t leave valuable things in your pockets.

Fitness requirement: moderate – a fair bit of hiking between zip lines
Adventure level: 8/10
Bring: pants, socks and GoPro
Cost: $18-20 USD per person

Heading to Ecuador? Got the adventure bug?! Check out some awesome ideas for Baños!

5. Soak up in the thermals

Hitting up the thermals in Baños is a MUST. There are a couple within walking distance from the town and others a short taxi ride away. There are usually a few different pools with varied temperatures so you can switch it up. Be sure to come prepared with your own towel.

Tip: Plan to go to the thermals on a weekday and early in the morning to avoid large crowds and school kids. 

Fitness requirement: not required
Adventure level: 1/10
Bring: swimwear, towel and cash
Cost: Varies between $3 – 6 USD

Heading to Ecuador? Got the adventure bug?! Check out some awesome ideas for Baños!

6. Go whitewater rafting

Complete beginners to white water rafting will feel comfortable on these rapids in Baños. Depending on the season, the rafting is between levels 2 – 5. As a total newbie or if you’re afraid of the idea of rafting, a level 3 here is still very tame (compared to any other level 3 rafting we’ve done). Everyone here is working as a team, and it’s a great way to make friends and you need to tick off Banos Equador rafting on your bucket list.

Fitness requirement: moderate
Adventure level: 6/10
Bring: bathers, change of clothes and a waterproof camera like a GoPro
Cost: $20 USD per person

Heading to Ecuador? Got the adventure bug?! Check out some awesome ideas for Baños!

7. Swing at the end of the world: the most popular thing to do in Baños

You’ve probably seen photos of what appears to be a swing off a cliff edge into imminent death. People call it the death swing in Ecuador, Good thing is, looks can be deceiving! The swing hangs from a treehouse called Casa del Arbol, which is actually an observation centre for Mt. Tungurahua, the active volcano you can see in the background.

The swing is very safe and the drop doesn’t seem that bad when you’re on it. Aim to go on a clear day for better views.

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The cheapest way to get here (besides walking) is to take a bus from the town which costs $1 USD and takes around 40 minutes. There are only a few buses a day so plan accordingly. Once the bus arrives it Casa del Arbol, it stays for about an hour before heading back to town. Hold on to your hats, sunnies, tie your shoelaces and don’t piss yourself.

Fitness requirement: not required
Adventure level: 5/10
Bring: cash and a camera
Cost: $1 USD entry fee plus travel costs

Heading to Ecuador? Got the adventure bug?! Check out some awesome ideas for Baños!

Let us know if you’re keen to try any of these awesome and cheap things to do in Baños, Ecuador or if you’re planning on doing any of them.

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21 thoughts on “7 Awesome & Cheap Things To Do in Baños, Ecuador

  1. lifetothefuller says:

    Epic! My husband and I are visiting in May and we are stoked! For canyoning, a lot of the websites had it marked at $70 per person. Did you find it was pretty widely available for $15-20pp once you were there and in person?

  2. Anna says:

    These are some great adventures! I’ve seen many pictures of the swing before, it looks incredible and must be such a breath-taking experience! Zip-lining would be on my to-do list as well. (also, you guys look so happy in these photos, it’s awesome)

    • La Vida Viva Travel says:

      Thanks Anna, we were stoked to be in Baños and these type of activities are our element. The zip-lining was awesome, definitely some of the most fun we’ve had. Hopefully you get to check out Baños one day!

  3. Louiela says:

    woooowwww…. Epic photos from great adventures. I’m not sure if I can do it myself. I want to go to Ecuador now but I might end up strolling around and sightseeing only. You two have brave souls…

  4. Matt Hulland says:

    Wow, sounds great. I love the sound of the zip lining, soaring high above the jungle. Thanks for sharing, when I get to Ecuador I’ll be sure to check back to this as a reference! Happy Travels

  5. LC says:

    Admittedly find some of these a little scary (not a fan of heights) but love white water rafting. That swing looks like it would be loads of fun too! Always love a good thermal soak as well. Banos sounds like a great place to visit.

    • La Vida Viva Travel says:

      I’m afraid of heights too but such a junkie for adrenaline so I always find myself saying YES to everything. Definitely a great place to visit if you ever get the chance (it’s cheap too!). Amanda

  6. Eric Gamble says:

    well the swing at the end of the world and walking down those killer stairs are on my bucket list but I might has well put all of Banos down because those geothermal pools are my thing for sure! Natures hot tub is great for all that hiking and zip lining or rafting but you can keep the bungee

    • La Vida Viva Travel says:

      Oh I hope you do! It’s a great place and sooo cheap. My favourite activity was probably the bridge jump but that’s purely because it was a massive step in conquering my fear of heights. Otherwise ziplining is actually one of my fave activities ever!

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