We pull up at the Tiquina Strait and hop off to catch the ferry across Lake Titicaca (still makes me giggle). We’re hungry so I buy some street food – a Solteña and a deep fried ball of rice with meat in the middle. The rice ball tastes a little suss and has been sitting out for who knows how long but we don’t waste food in this family so we eat it anyway. YOLO.

So we arrive in Copacabana and Lake Titicaca is stunning. Situated 4000m above sea level, it is the highest navigable lake in the world and we are in the best place to see it in all its glory. The plan is to spend a night in Copacabana and then travel across to Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) for a night on the island. However, later in the evening Daniel starts to feel ill and doesn’t even eat dinner (what is this madness?!?).

He spends the entire night ejecting everything out of both ends and is in excruciating pain. There is little sleep to be had for both of us. Needless to say, our plans to go to Isla del Sol need to be postponed. I tell the hostel owner that we’ll need to stay another night and she says “yes, I know your husband is sick, I saw the toilet!!” Oops. Don’t eat dodgy rice balls, kids. #riceballs #sharedbaño

With only 2 nights left in Copacabana and less than 24 hours of recovery time, Daniel soldiers through and hikes up the very steep Cerro Calvario with me to get a good view at sunset. He hates me for it but the photos are beautiful and absolutely worth it I say! Not wanting to waste anymore time and feeling a little better, Daniel commits to the 2.5 hour boat ride to Isla del Sol the next day AND the 4.5 hour hike across it. What a champion! Pretty successful trip I say.

North side of Isla del Sol
Copacabanna from Cerro Calvario
Sunsets at Lake Titicaca
So much blue
Woman and donkey
Copacabana by starlight
Daniel and donkey
Isla del Sol

copacabana bolivia

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2 thoughts on “Backpacker Diaries: Getting Gastro in Copocabana

  1. Leo and carla says:

    Hello darlings, sorry to hear about your bad experience…. Make sure you buy and carry with you ‘pastillaa de carbon’ that would help with any tummy problems. Guys amazing photos…. Take it easy! Rest lots. Be careful with the altitude . Sending our love and God bless!

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