Overnight Argentina buses are a comfortable and affordable way of travelling through the country and you get to save money on accommodation for a night. We have taken too many buses to keep track of but can say with certainty that the buses in Argentina are the best we’ve ever been on. Though more affordable than flying, the buses in Argentina aren’t exactly cheap. So, we bring you our guide and tips to making the most out of overnight buses and how to save money. 

Use Omnilineas or VoyenBus to compare bus companies

Omnilineas and VoyenBus are third party websites that are helpful in comparing bus companies, classes, prices and timetables. They are both easy to use and have an option for English.

You can only book buses in Argentina a month in advance

Not that you’d really want to book tickets that early. There really isn’t a need to book super early in advance and we found that we could get buy tickets a couple of days in advance and still get seats we wanted.

Pay in cash and ask for a discount

Where possible, you should try and buy your ticket from a counter and don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. We booked one of our first buses in Argentina online but quickly realised that buying tickets in person meant saving money!

Pay for the suite option (if you can), it’s totally worth it

The overnight buses in Argentina are usually double-story and have different suite options. The first class suite seats are full reclining so you get basically get a flatbed. It also comes with a private TV, headphones and food. Since you’re saving money on accommodation, it’s worth investing in these seats to get a good night’s rest so that you’re ready to rumble on arrival. We took an 18-hour bus from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú and slept for over half of it!

Daniel sleeping soundly on the way to Iguazu Falls

What type of bus seat is this?

Different bus companies have different names for seats so you’ll see semi cama, coche cama, semi plus, cama etc. I found Voyen Bus helpful for understanding exactly what to expect from the seats.

Choose your seat and don’t sit too close to the toilet

When you purchase your bus tickets online or in person, you’ll get an option for seat selection. DO NOT sit next to the toilet. We sat near the toilet on one bus and the smell lingered into our vicinity the entire ride. It was not pleasant at all.

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Confirm if your ticket includes food

And bring your own food on board if it doesn’t. Though some buses do let vendors on board to sell you some food items, the buses won’t stop frequently and there isn’t an option to purchase on board so come prepared.

Daniel pretty happy to see dinner on the bus

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