We find ourselves travelling an hour by public bus to satisfy our craving for Korean food. We make it to Korea town which seems to be in the suss end of Buenos Aires. What really gives it away is arriving at the restaurant to find it locked and having to ring a doorbell to be let in.

After eating a delicious meal and using all of our cash, the owner walks us out and asks how we’re getting home. We tell her that we’re taking the bus and she freaks out for us telling us that we must take a taxi – but this isn’t even an option because remember, no cash left. While this conversation is taking place, we see what looks like one guy mugging another guy outside the restaurant and decide that it’s time to bail and we literally make a run for it while a cop starts chasing the guy down.

The rest of the week is all uphill from there. We try 5 different steaks in a week and can confirm that Argentinian steak is indeed pretty damn good. We spend 15 hours in Spanish classes where Daniel is practising rolling his Rs and I am singing along to Enrique Iglesias songs.

We spend another about 5 hours looking for a camera strap (and probably another 1-hour debating about whether to even bother looking) because Daniel left his in Perth and believe it or not, it is that hard to find a camera strap in Argentina.

We go along to our first milonga, take our first tango class and decide that we’ll go again but never do. We spend $20 on a bowl of Pho which is 1/3 of the normal size in Australia and then google photos of Vietnamese food to make ourselves feel better.

We also enjoy our first couch surfing experience with an awesome host and now friend, Jose, who very generously gave up his bed and put himself on the couch. So overall, despite not being huge lovers of big cities, we’ve had some pretty memorable moments in Buenos Aires.

From here we bid farewell to decent wifi hop on to an 18-hour bus to chase waterfalls.

The hero of the Wars for Independence – San Martín
El Ateneo Grand Splendid
Floralis Genérica
La Recoleta Cemetery
Plaza San Martín
El Ateneo Grand Splendid ceiling

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