After a very sombre goodbye at the airport to some of our favourite people, Daniel and I boarded the plane feeling a mixture of anticipation, excitement and nervousness. Actually, I think I was feeling all those things and Daniel was just exhausted from spending 8 hours cleaning our apartment the day before. Sydney was our first stop – a full 48 hours of quality time with our friend, Michell.

We brought the good Perth weather with us and our only full day in Sydney was forecasted to be a sunny 33 degrees. We set off to Bents Basin on the hunt for a waterfall. We never found it because it didn’t exist #Dontgochasingwaterfalls. Daniel christened his new telescopic rod whilst Chell and I opted for some R & R in the water.


I learned to never rub up against rocks in fresh water after waking up in the morning and was self-diagnosed with swimmer’s itch (according to Google and we know that self-diagnosis through Google is accurate). Not fun. So itchy. Just in case you want to know what it looks like, here’s a preview…

We finished the day with a big bowl of delicious phở from Pho An – this was going to be our last phở for a while so I was really hoping it would be amazing, especially for the hefty price tag of $15.50! It was definitely a good solid bowl of phở but I can guarantee it was laced with MSG. 

We spent our last few hours in Sydney attending a Hillsong church service and received an excellent word delivered through Lisa Bevere. She spoke about being both gritty and godly in today’s world and it was just what we needed before launching into our trip. Daniel is now feeling energised and ready for for our big adventure.





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