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40 Photos of Myanmar (Burma) That Will Put It On Your Bucket List

Get off the beaten SE Asia path and see Myanmar! This couple captures the best photos of Myanmar that'll guarantee to put Myanmar on your bucket list.

I haven’t met a person who has travelled to Myanmar and didn’t love it. Before travelling to Myanmar, I had always dreamed of travelling South East Asia “back in the day” – before a lot of countries became tourist hotspots due to the ease and cost of travel. Travelling to Myanmar was a bit of […]

Why We All Need To Stop Hating On Perfect Travel Photos

We have all read about how perfect travel photos are ruining travel - but are they really? Here's why we need to stop hating on perfect travel photos.

I am not usually someone who responds to Facebook posts. Actually, I’m the Michael Jackson eating popcorn GIF – scrolling through reading the opinions of others with that frozen laugh look on my face that makes my husband think I’m a little nuts. But the other day I came across a post that I just […]

The Ultimate Guide To Travelling With A Drone

These guys have the best guide to traveling with a drone. Awesome tips, recommendations and photos!

Aerial photography and videography are on the rise and it’s not hard to see why. Drones, quadcopter, unmanned aircraft or flying cameras – whatever you want to call them – have opened up awesome opportunities to capture footage and photos at angles that people didn’t have access to before (without a helicopter). And let’s be […]

Photos to Inspire Wanderlust: Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a must visit if you're in California! Check out some beautiful photos to inspire your next trip!

OUR BEST PHOTOS OF YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK I rub my eyes and yawn, “way too early to be alive” I say to Daniel. It’s 3 degrees Celsius and every inch of glass around our campervan is covered in condensation. Clean, crisp air greets us as we step outside the van. I take a deep breath, […]

Photos of Nicaragua To Inspire Your Wanderlust

San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

Nica-who?! Nicaragua (pronounced Nica-rah-gu-a) is a country in Central America, located between Honduras and Costa Rica that offers volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, surfing beaches and budget-friendly adventures. Being quite a small country, travel within is relatively easy and cheap with minivans going between most destinations. We’ve picked some of our favourite photos to inspire your […]

Photos of San Blas Islands To Inspire Your Wanderlust

San Blas Islands Panama

The San Blas Islands of Panama are a group of over 360 islands, most of which are uninhabited. The islands are situated between Colombia and Panama, often used as the route to travel between the countries. The Kuna people that inhabit some of the islands are friendly, welcoming and extremely photogenic (you’ll see below). Although […]

25 Photos of Colombia To Inspire Your Wanderlust

Awesome travel posts for backpacking and travel in Colombia!

When we told people we were going to Colombia, this is what most people were expecting it to be like (my ah-mazing photoshop skills are indeed employable just in case you’re wondering): Turns out that Colombia is actually rich in diverse landscapes and culture. What? No way! Colombia? More than just cocaine?! Sí, señor! In fact, Colombia is […]

Photos of Iguazu Falls To Inspire Your Wanderlust

Iguazu Falls Argentina

We’re sure you’ve seen photos of the magnificence that is the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. We couldn’t help it and just had to post up these photos to inspire wanderlust. 16 Photos of Iguazu Falls To Inspire Your Wanderlust We hope we’ve inspired your inner wanderlust! Love this? Pin it for later!

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