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Backpacking Jordan | Things to Do, Travel Tips & Budget Guide

Woman walking through canyon towards Treasury at Petra in Jordan

Daniel is completely drained – physically and mentally. The parasite he had really took it out of him and despite having mostly recovered, he’s not back to himself. The 5-hour bus ride and two border crossings feel like a lifetime ago as we now sit in the back of Shaker’s truck driving away from Wadi […]

Ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba (Jordan to Egypt): Everything You Need To Know

Taking a ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba is definitely the best option to travel between Jordan and Egypt so that you can avoid the long overland process through Israel. Current information online is out of date and we didn’t find much of it helpful. We were quite sceptical and didn’t know what to expect but […]

Backpacker’s Guide to Dahab, Egypt: Our Favourite Place in the Middle East

elephant statue underwater photography

If there’s one place you have to visit in Egypt, it’s Dahab. After a fairly rough 2.5 weeks in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, I was honestly tired of Egypt and wanted to leave. But as soon as I arrived in Dahab, everything changed. Almost instantly I felt a weight lift off my shoulders as I […]

Is It Safe To Travel To The Middle East? Experiences & Tips From Travel Bloggers

Terrorism. It’s a word that has changed our world in so many ways and is unfortunately now synonymous with an entire region in the world. Needless to say, many of our friends and family thought we were crazy to be travelling to the Middle East. We are fully aware of how the Middle East is portrayed […]

Through A Traveller’s Lens: Israel and Palestine

This is purely a reflective piece. I left Israel a few weeks before the recent conflict in Gaza began. As a traveller and human being in this great big world, all I hope to do is learn and grow as I travel. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is extremely complicated and I am no authority on the matter. […]

Eilat Taba Border Crossing: Travel Between Israel and Egypt

We found it immensely difficult to find current and complete information on the Eilat Taba border crossing before we left. So, we figured we’d be the guinea pigs and figure it out ourselves. We travelled from Eilat to Sharm Eil Sheikh on 4 April 2018 and from Dahab (near Sharm) to Eilat on 28 April […]

7 Reasons You Can’t Miss Arad: Israel’s Hidden Gem

Arad is a desert town in southern Israel that is usually skipped over by travellers. It's convenient location places it in prime position for exploring and adventuring and is a spot that cannot be missed if you're in Israel.

The standard travel route through Israel usually consists of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Masada. If time permits, travellers also add on Eilat and possibly Mitzpe Ramon. However, we all know that some of the best experiences come from the hidden gems that people tend to skip […]

Complete Guide: Egypt Visa On Arrival, E-Visa, Taba Border Visa and Other Options

When it comes to getting a visa for Egypt, there are a few different options, considerations and complications. Obtaining an Egypt visa on arrival is most common, however, isn’t always possible depending on how you enter the country. Do I need a visa for Egypt? You should confirm whether or not you need a visa […]

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