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Please Stop Asking Where I’m REALLY From

The problem with asking "where are you really from" - the perspective from an Asian Australian.

Yeah, but where are you REALLY from? ‘Where are you really from?’ – like I had a brain fart and told you “Australia” but really, I meant somewhere else. Like I’m going to change my answer just because you put really in there.  My problem isn’t with people asking where I’m from, it’s with the rejection of my first, […]

Through A Traveller’s Lens: Israel and Palestine

This is purely a reflective piece. I left Israel a few weeks before the recent conflict in Gaza began. As a traveller and human being in this great big world, all I hope to do is learn and grow as I travel. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is extremely complicated and I am no authority on the matter. […]

That’s A Wrap! Looking Back At 2017 & What’s In Store For 2018

Backpacking Sri Lanka doesn't have to be expensive. Follow our comprehensive guide for everything you need to know before backpacking Sri Lanka including flights, visa, accommodation and travel information.

As always, 365 days have zoomed by and we sit here surprised that it’s NYE. I was feeling giddy as I woke up this morning, grateful for everything we accomplished this past year and pumped for what’s ahead in 2018.  A Year of Multiple Adventures We kicked off the year backing through SE Asia – […]

Why We All Need To Stop Hating On Perfect Travel Photos

We have all read about how perfect travel photos are ruining travel - but are they really? Here's why we need to stop hating on perfect travel photos.

I am not usually someone who responds to Facebook posts. Actually, I’m the Michael Jackson eating popcorn GIF – scrolling through reading the opinions of others with that frozen laugh look on my face that makes my husband think I’m a little nuts. But the other day I came across a post that I just […]

2016 Highlights: The Adventures, Memories & Lessons Learned

2016 Highlights-The Adventures, Memories & Lessons Learned

Happy new year folks! Without a doubt, 2016 has been one of of the best years of my life. For the past couple of weeks, I wanted to share my highlights of the year but these included so much more than particular destinations or adventures. While many people celebrate NYE watching fireworks, at a party […]

Peruvian Adventures: Our Time in Mancora

Mancora travel blog

After a very foggy and gloomy Lima, we were beyond excited for Máncora, a beach town on the north-west coast of Perú. It’s “winter” here which means fewer tourists and 28-30 degrees Celsius. Don’t mind if we do. We arrive at Laguna Surf Camp, a spot a stone’s throw from the beach with our own […]

Sand boarding in Huacachina, Peru


Huacachina is such a cool place – effortlessly cool. It’s a tiny village built around a little oasis and surrounded by sand dunes – aka a desert oasis (and the only desert oasis in South America mind you). We were pretty pumped when we heard about Huacachina and the upcoming opportunity to sandboard. After checking in to […]

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