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Backpacking Russia | Things to do, Budget Breakdown & Travel Tips

Moscow Red square colourful cathedral church

The largest nation in the world that borders a staggering 14 countries, crosses 9 time zones and has a population of over 142 million people is by no means one that you can pop in for a quickie. Quick visit that is (what were you thinking?). Even our one month of backpacking through Russia felt […]

Hiking Tolmin Gorges, Slovenia: Everything You Need To Know

travel couple on the bridge at Tolmin Gorge in Slovenia

Welcome to the Tolmin Gorges, the lowest and southernmost entry point into the Triglav National Park and Tolmin’s most spectacular site. The emerald water you see flows from the Tolminka and Soca rivers. Both streams have carved deep gorges into the rocks and this spectacular hike leads you from the bottom to the top of […]

Epic Iceland Ring Road Itinerary In Any Car: Complete Guide

As backpackers, we did the unthinkable and booked flights to one of the most expensive countries in the world: Iceland. We were lured in by cheap flights, endless waterfalls and the prospect of seeing the northern lights and couldn’t help ourselves – we were going to spend 10 days on Ring Road. We couldn’t find the perfect Ring […]

Backpacking London: Best Travel Tips For Any Budget

If you're backpacking London and worried about spending all of your hard-earned cash, fear not! We've put together a comprehensive article with the best travel tips, free things to do and what to expect for any backpacking budget so that you can make the most of your time in London.

When we found ridiculously cheap flights to London, we knew that it was the perfect gateway into our Europe trip (which, by the way, turned into a Middle East trip but a story for another time). London’s pricey reputation certainly precedes it and we told ourselves that backpacking London wasn’t even going to be possible […]

Planning A Trip To Iceland? Here’s What You Need To Know | Iceland Travel Tips

Best Iceland travel tips covering - when is the best time to go? How long do I need? What should I pack? Is Iceland expensive? Do I need a 4x4? We answer all your questions about Iceland!

Since posting our Epic Ring Road Itinerary and sharing some of our photos, we’ve received some pretty common questions and requests from people planning a trip to Iceland. We want to make travelling to Iceland easier for you so answered the 9 most common questions we’ve received that you’re probably asking if you’re considering going to […]

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