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40 Photos of Myanmar (Burma) That Will Put It On Your Bucket List

Get off the beaten SE Asia path and see Myanmar! This couple captures the best photos of Myanmar that'll guarantee to put Myanmar on your bucket list.

I haven’t met a person who has travelled to Myanmar and didn’t love it. Before travelling to Myanmar, I had always dreamed of travelling South East Asia “back in the day” – before a lot of countries became tourist hotspots due to the ease and cost of travel. Travelling to Myanmar was a bit of […]

Exploring Lashio with Myanmar Adventure Outfitters: Where Adventure Meets Social Impact

Do you want to make a positive impact through tourism?! These guys enjoyed 3 days of epic adventures with a company that invests back into the community. Read this to find out more about their time with Myanmar Adventure Outfitters!

“Relationships,” Byron tells me as we drive along the bumpy dirt roads, “is what we focused on first. One village thought we were scoping the area for mining. They didn’t understand why foreigners would travel all this way just to see a waterfall.” Despite being the biggest city in Shan state, you won’t find good info […]

Getting a Myanmar visa in Chiang Mai

Information current as of 6 February 2017 and only relates to tourist visas. APPLYING FOR A MYANMAR VISA IN CHIANG MAI Everything was supposed to easy, straightforward and cheap. However, what we expected to take 30 minutes turned into a 1.5-hour nightmare thanks to some new changes and a price hike. We’re going to give you EVERYTHING you […]

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