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40 Photos of Myanmar (Burma) That Will Put It On Your Bucket List

Get off the beaten SE Asia path and see Myanmar! This couple captures the best photos of Myanmar that'll guarantee to put Myanmar on your bucket list.

I haven’t met a person who has travelled to Myanmar and didn’t love it. Before travelling to Myanmar, I had always dreamed of travelling South East Asia “back in the day” – before a lot of countries became tourist hotspots due to the ease and cost of travel. Travelling to Myanmar was a bit of […]

How Do I Start Travelling For The First Time?

5 super easy and practical tips if you want to start travelling for the first time!

‘How do I start travelling for the first time?’ ‘What should I do if I want to start travelling for the first time?’ ‘I am so scared to start travelling but I really want to’. I have seen plenty of these posts in Facebook groups and have been asked this many times myself. I remember […]

Top 10 Western Australia Beaches: Your 2018 Bucket List Is Here!

What are the best beaches in WA? Find out here!

After travelling WA pretty extensively in 2017, we want to showcase some of the best Western Australia beaches*. We have been to some pretty nice beaches around the world but hand on heart, nothing compares to home. If you think we’re biased because WA is our home, please allow us to prove you wrong. With the […]

That’s A Wrap! Looking Back At 2017 & What’s In Store For 2018

Backpacking Sri Lanka doesn't have to be expensive. Follow our comprehensive guide for everything you need to know before backpacking Sri Lanka including flights, visa, accommodation and travel information.

As always, 365 days have zoomed by and we sit here surprised that it’s NYE. I was feeling giddy as I woke up this morning, grateful for everything we accomplished this past year and pumped for what’s ahead in 2018.  A Year of Multiple Adventures We kicked off the year backing through SE Asia – […]

8 Reasons to Swim With Whale Sharks In The Ningaloo Reef, Australia

When Daniel and I were planning our Philippines trip, I noticed that one of the most popular activities is a swim with whale sharks. What I quickly realised though is that many places that offer this activity are more interested in attracting tourists than in the vitality of the whale shark. So Daniel and I decided […]

North Vietnam Budget: What We Spent in 12 Days & Tips To Travel Cheaper

woman standing in front of a North Vietnam Waterfalls

Vietnam is a backpacker’s dream. It’s safe, easy to navigate around and there are plenty of things to do. And if the wafts of delicious street food aren’t enough to allure you, the cheap prices will. Daniel and I spent 12 days in North Vietnam visiting the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, the infamous trekking town, […]

Exploring Lashio with Myanmar Adventure Outfitters: Where Adventure Meets Social Impact

Do you want to make a positive impact through tourism?! These guys enjoyed 3 days of epic adventures with a company that invests back into the community. Read this to find out more about their time with Myanmar Adventure Outfitters!

“Relationships,” Byron tells me as we drive along the bumpy dirt roads, “is what we focused on first. One village thought we were scoping the area for mining. They didn’t understand why foreigners would travel all this way just to see a waterfall.” Despite being the biggest city in Shan state, you won’t find good info […]

Discovering Alcoy in Cebu: A Slice Of Paradise the Philippines

Keen on visiting somewhere different in the Philippines? Get off the beaten path and enjoy a little bit of luxury in Alcoy Cebu!

Google. “Where to go in the Philippines”. Enter. Borocay. El Nido. Bohol.  You’ll generally find the same list of recommended places when you’re searching online. Sure, we were planning on hitting up some of these places but like many other travellers, we also love looking for hidden gems – the places that aren’t ridiculously overcrowded. Alcoy. […]

Why We All Need To Stop Hating On Perfect Travel Photos

We have all read about how perfect travel photos are ruining travel - but are they really? Here's why we need to stop hating on perfect travel photos.

I am not usually someone who responds to Facebook posts. Actually, I’m the Michael Jackson eating popcorn GIF – scrolling through reading the opinions of others with that frozen laugh look on my face that makes my husband think I’m a little nuts. But the other day I came across a post that I just […]

The Ultimate Guide To Travelling With A Drone

These guys have the best guide to traveling with a drone. Awesome tips, recommendations and photos!

Aerial photography and videography are on the rise and it’s not hard to see why. Drones, quadcopter, unmanned aircraft or flying cameras – whatever you want to call them – have opened up awesome opportunities to capture footage and photos at angles that people didn’t have access to before (without a helicopter). And let’s be […]

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