After travelling WA pretty extensively in 2017, we want to showcase some of the best Western Australia beaches*. We have been to some pretty nice beaches around the world but hand on heart, nothing compares to home. If you think we’re biased because WA is our home, please allow us to prove you wrong. With the longest coastline of any state or territory in Australia, it’s no surprise that WA is packed full of, I dare say, THE BEST BEACHES IN THE WORLD. Yes, the WHOLE world. Time to get out and see the phenomenal beaches we have on offer!  

*According to us – so don’t get offended if we’ve left some out.

Our Top 10 Western Australia Beaches

10. Blue Holes, Kalbarri

Blue Holes is a family-friendly beach that’s great for snorkelling with shallow rock pools perfect for kids. Kalbarri is located 560km north of Perth and can be enjoyed throughout the year although we recommend going during the early summer (as summer temps can reach as high as 45 degrees), in Autumn (March to May) for little wind and comfortable temperatures or in Spring (September to November) for Humpback whale season and average day-time temperatures of 26 degrees.

Blue Holes in Kalbarri is a family-friendly beach that's great for snorkelling with shallow rock pools perfect for kids.
Blue Holes, Kalbarri

9. Shell Beach, Denham

WA is filled with white sand, blue water beaches so we wanted to introduce you to a beach with something a little different. Here, you will find very salty, crystal clear water and a long white stretch of beach filled with billions of shells. A massive hit with people of all ages (our group of 7 grown adults had a tonne of fun), Shell Beach is filled with shells from the Shark Bay cockle (Fragum erugatum) which is only found in WA.

Shell Beach

8. Any of Perth’s local beaches

Any of Perth’s local beaches will impress you and each offers something different to surfers, swimmers and people who just like to hang out at the shore. Cott and Trigg beaches are popular among tourists and locals, have free and easy to find parking and have a variety of restaurants, bars and fish and chip shops nearby.  If one beach doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can take a drive along the coast and you’ll easily find another beach you may like.

Trigg Beach

7. Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance

Lucky Bay is probably the most popular beach in Esperance and Cape Le Grand National Park. Infamous for its local friendly marsupials, Lucky Bay is the ideal spot for calm waters, white sand, kangaroo spotting and fishing. Take your 4WD along the long coastline and find a nice hideaway spot for a day on one of the best beaches in WA.

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6. Greens Pool, Denmark

This tranquil bay is the first place I fell in love with snorkelling and saw the most turquoise green water I’d ever seen. Green Pool lies on the edge of William Bay National Park and is ringed by granite boulders that prevent the swell from reaching the shoreline. Grab your snorkelling gear and explore the fascinating seascape here or just kounge around on the beach. Either way, Greens Pool will definitely not disappoint.

5. Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth and Coral Bay

The entire Ningaloo Reef is marvellous so you can take your pick from any of the beaches and you’d be in for a treat. The snorkelling is fantastic and you can enjoy spotting turtles, stingrays, reef sharks and other marine life. We love Oyster Stacks, Turquoise Bay, Bills Bay and Purdy Point. You can also swim with whale sharks in the Ningaloo so escape Perth’s winter and get up here (approximately 14-hour drive) for a great road trip where temperatures are warm and comfortable.

Swim with turtles in the Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth or Coral Bay
Swimming with a turtle in Oyster Stacks

4. Cape Leveque, Dampier Peninsula

This spectacular landscape is Cape Leveque, located in the northernmost tip of the Dampier Peninsula. Cape Leveque is 240km north of Broome and can only be accessed by 4WD so strap in for the adventurous and bumpy ride. The different beaches here offer snorkelling, spearfishing, fishing and swimming opportunities.

Cape Leveque

3. Castle Rock Beach, Dunsborough

Only 2.5 hours south of Perth is this wonderful local beach with a picnic area right at the car park, a walking trail up to Castle Rock for stunning views and a piece of perfection for swimmers, snorkelling and stand up paddleboarders. A must visit if you’re in the Margaret River region.

2. Twilight Beach, Esperance

This town beach is one of my favourites in the world. Come here at sunrise on a summer’s day to enjoy calm waters and a beautiful view. This is also where we captured a pod of dolphins swimming! Famous for its ‘hole in the rock’, Twilight Beach was voted WA’s most popular beach in 2006 and is an easy-to-access beach for everyone to appreciate.

Twilight Beach

1. Cable Beach, Broome

Some of the best sunsets we’ve ever seen were on Cable Beach. The 22 kilometre-long stretch offers something for everyone. Wet a line (ie go fishing) and catch whiting, giant threadfin and dart. Strip down and enjoy the nude section of the beach or avoid it altogether on the  left side of Cable Beach. The cool ocean provides some relief from the midday sun – just watch out as there can be jellyfish. On warm balmy summer nights, bring the 4WD down for front row seats to a spectacular Indian Ocean sunset or better yet, book a camel riding tour for a whole new sunset experience!

Sunsets on Cable Beach

Honourable mention… Thistle Cove, Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance

No bells and whistles – just a simply spectacular white sand and blue water beach. Many visitors to Cape Le Grand National Park will head to Lucky Bay and neglect the smaller beaches so this is the best spot to avoid the crowds.

Thistle Cove

Are these beaches worthy of making the ‘best beaches in WA’ list? How many of these beaches have you been to or how many will you visit this year? Did we miss any beaches that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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