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Please, allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Daniel and Amanda, the founders of Explore Wider. We used to La Vida Viva Travel but that tongue twister was way too hard to say/spell/remember so let’s put that one down as an expensive lesson in marketing and never speak of it again.

EXPLORE WIDER is an adventure and budget travel website that provides quality travel writing, photography and videos.

Our mission is adventurous, affordable and sustainable travel.

For us, it’s about living and loving life – whatever that looks like for you. We know that not every person has the means and the time to travel the way we do, we just want to inspire you to go somewhere you haven’t been and explore a little wider. And hopefully, our website will help you to do just that!

We believe in harnessing tourism and travelling to improve the world around us. We understand that travel is a privilege and with great privilege comes great responsibility. We believe that as travellers, we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the earth and communities through our travels. 

We aim to help travellers, particularly backpackers, explore off the beaten path adventures on a budget without contributing to unsustainable tourism.

On our site, you’ll find photos, videos and writing to spark your desire to explore this beautifully created earth. We’ll share our adventures, stories, honest reviews and practical tips. Although we are by no means experts, we share our experiences, mistakes and successes so that you can make the most out of your travels, time and money.


Amanda Tran
freediver, snowboarder, writer, VIDEOGRAPHER & boss

I am the crazy one. But I’m also in control of our finances so I guess I’m also reliable and financially savvy. Hey, I’m Amanda and my friends call me Mandles (rhymes with handles). I’m the kinda person that says YES to almost anything, especially if it involves a good time outdoors.


I am obsessed with travelling and keeping a fiercely accurate ledger of our spendings. I am also obsessed with other cool stuff like freediving, snowboarding and cliff jumping. I have tried to like uphill hiking but it’s been 3 years and no improvement. I still do it though…for the view.


A very well known fact about me: I used to be afraid of heights and deep water but my inner adrenalin junkie took over ever since I started travelling and I am mostly free from it. If only 9 year old Amanda could see me now. 

I am the main writer/editor/social media guru/web designer/everything-blog-related master.

Daniel Tran

I am not a man of many words, so here goes. 

What started out as Amanda’s dream of a solo trip around South America turned out to be a shared dream for our first year of marriage. So, as soon as Daniel put a ring on it, the planning began. 6 months after saying ‘I do’, we set off on our one year adventure starting in South America with our backpacks, cameras and dreams of travelling and photographing the world around us.

We also love to share and so, LVV Travel was born.

We realised after 6 months that a year was not going to be enough so slowly…we added…another month here, another month there and then suddenly our 12-month trip turned into 18 months.

Now, we’ve got dreams of travelling…well, permanently. It’s a little crazy, we know.

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D + A